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Review: Recipe for Attraction by Gina Gordon

Title: Recipe for Attraction (Madewood Brothers #2)
Author: Gina Gordon
Release date: November 25th 2013
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 274
Source: Publisher

Bad boy Neil Harrison may have sexy body and an even sexier smile, but there’s no way in hell architect Carson Kelly is falling for the elusive bachelor. For starters, he’s her boss, and getting intimately involved with the infuriating alpha male could be a career-killer. And secondly, he’s battling personal demons in one of the most dangerous ways possible: illegal street racing. After a friend’s tragic death years ago, Carson swore she’d never get involved in that life again.

Neil knows Carson’s keeping secrets and he’s determined to uncover all of them…even if he has to seduce them out of her. But as their antagonistic work relationship ignites a passionate affair, Carson must decide if protecting Neil from his need for speed is the perfect outlet for her own restless desire, or if they’re on a one-way path to destruction.

I'd been waiting for this book ever since I read and loved Recipe for Satisfaction, and this one definitely did not disappoint! I adored these characters and the sweet but intense plotline, and I managed to devour this book all in one go. That's how addictive it was! So don't start this book at night, it'll keep you up for hours until you finish it.

Recipe for Attraction follows the oldest Madewood brother, Neil. I remember him from the first book, and knew that there would be something between him and Carson! I'm glad to be proven right in this book. Neil loves speed, especially in racing. But when he goes to an illegal street race and meets his architect Carson there, he knows there's something about her she's keeping from him. And he strives to find out who she is. At the same time, Carson will do anything to keep Neil away from the dangers of illegal racing. The two of them come to an agreement, which turns out to be a lot more complicated than they initially thought.

I first thought that the sequel to Recipe for Satisfaction might be Cole and Penn's book, but theirs is the fourth installment in the series. I was really looking forward to reading about them, but I love Neil and Carson just as much. The street racing part reminds me a little of Crash into You by Katie McGarry, which I thought was awesome.

I warmed to Carson immediately. She's snarky and badass and she rides a bike! And she definitely doesn't let anyone walk all over her. She's stubborn like that. But her dad will never be satisfied with her, and I really empathized with her whenever that came up. Carson wants to prove her worth, and she's working hard to do that. But Neil comes along and suddenly her professional life is mixing with her personal life. It's obvious how much she cares for Neil throughout the book, even right from the start.

And Neil, oh my god I loved him. He's my new favourite Madewood brother. Though he seemed kind of obnoxious in the first book, we really get to know him in this one and everything he's been through. He's gorgeous and protective and kind, and Carson is so freaking lucky to have him. Neil has feelings for Carson pretty early on as well, and I found it amusing how neither of them would admit it until much, much later.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the next installment in this richly romantic and seductive series. Neil and Carson took over my mind for a while, and I can't wait for the same to happen with Finn next, and then Cole. Recipe for Attraction is a can't-miss for all Brazen lovers, and romance lovers in general too!

*Thank you to Jessie Potts at Entangled Publishing for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I don't know much about this series (make that 0 knowledge) but you make it sound so enticing. :)


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