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Review: The Power by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: The Power (Titan #2)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Release date: February 23rd 2016
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Format: ARC
Pages: 339

Source: Inkslinger PR
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With any great change, there is always strife, and the Covenant University has become the frontline between pure-bloods who want the Breed Order reinstated and the half-bloods who want the right to control their own destinies.
Fate has other plans.

The violence is escalating and war between the races seems inevitable, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Hyperion may be out of commission, but Josie and Seth know they have only earned a reprieve. Seth must get Josie fully prepared, which means controlling her newfound abilities, and they need to find the other demigods before the Titans do.
But the gods are sensing a greater threat.

Only one thing is more dangerous than a bunch of starved Titans, and that’s an out-of-control Apollyon. The aether in Josie is drawing Seth in deeper, and when lust mixes with love and gives way to power, he knows being close to her is not only dangerous to her, but to everyone around them, but letting her go requires a level of selflessness that just isn’t Seth’s style.

The paths taken in the past are becoming the roads of the future.

Just as chaos breaks out, familiar faces from the past return, complicating the already strained bond between Josie and Seth, and when the danger from the Titans erupts with devastating consequences, the dark allure of power calls to Seth again, but this time Josie might not be able to pull him back.

And when the struggle between power and love becomes the deadliest battleground, there may be no salvation.

This book brought back everything I felt during and after the Covenant series, and I loved seeing Seth and Josie's characters develop, both individually and together. My favourite thing about this book was of course seeing Alex and Aiden again! I missed them so much. And we get quite a few surprises here, as well as more figures from Greek mythology, which was awesome.

In The Power, things are getting tense as Josie begins to train as hard as she can with her newfound powers so she can be good enough to fight Hyperion and defeat him. But Josie has a long way to go, and she's frustrated with herself often. It doesn't help that Seth is distancing himself from her. Seth has his own problems - with Josie using akasha, the aether in her calls out to him even more, and he doesn't know if he can restrain himself from sneaking a taste. After all, Seth was addicted to aether and power not too long ago. If he doesn't check himself, he may find himself going down that same path all over again, and even Josie might not be able to stop it.

There's definitely more emphasis on character development in this book. We get to know Josie more, which was great because I didn't think we saw enough of her character in The Return. She's trying as hard as she can, and I really admired how strong she's become and how far she's come. It's amazing considering she didn't even know demigods existed until a little while ago, and now she's supposed to use her demigod powers to fight a titan. I also really sympathized with her regarding Seth, because none of it is her fault and she has to deal with the consequences of everything. And when Alex shows up, it makes things even more confusing for Josie. Things work out between them, thankfully! They have a lot in common and it was nice to see them interacting and getting along.

And now we get to Seth. Oh, Seth. What is happening to you? Despite doing everything he can to stop himself from surrendering to his thirst for aether, Seth knows it's inevitable. And he knows Josie doesn't deserve that. It killed me to see him struggling against the urge, and to see the need for aether battling with his love for Josie. Because he does love her, and it's obvious in this book. Seth also still hasn't forgiven himself for everything he's done, which I understand, but he needs to let it go if Alex and Aiden have. After all, Alex is the one he's hurt most.

Apart from the serious and emotional stuff, we get quite a lot of light-heartedness and romance, too! Seth and Josie really heat things up, and there are quite a lot of steamy scenes between them. And the light-heartedness obviously comes mostly from Deacon and Luke. Those two are the best! I adore Deacon, I really do. I love his positive attitude towards everything. And we also get to see a different side of him here - a more serious side, and someone who can always be counted on. He and Luke are so happy together, and I loved seeing that.

I don't want to say too much about what happens when Alex and Aiden show up, but I got so happy and excited I couldn't stop smiling for like five whole minutes. They're both exactly the same, though maybe Alex is a bit more mature, which surprised me but at the same time I thought it was expected. It was just so incredible to see the whole group together again, after so long, and it totally made me want to reread the Covenant series. For those of you who haven't read that series yet, it's not necessary to do that before reading this series but I really suggest you do, or you won't be able to enjoy this book as much as I did!

I just had one teeny issue regarding one of the Greek mythological figures who showed up, who was constantly referred to by their Roman name rather than the Greek name. That irked me a little, because consistency, though I understand that the Roman name is more well-known than the Greek. But either way, I loved seeing new people pop up! And I'm sure we'll see even more in the next and final book of the trilogy.

There are things I didn't really expect to see in this book, like the aftermath of the abolition of the Breed Order. Everything is definitely not settled regarding that. Of course, I wouldn't have expected the pures to just sit back and let go of their half-blood servants, but I didn't think things would be so bad at the University. The pures and halfs have some very serious altercations, and it'll probably be a long time for things to be normal between them, if ever.

Like I mentioned before, there are a few twists and turns regarding the plot, especially towards the end. It's fast-paced and intense and just plain fantastic. The ending is... well, a bit of a cliffhanger but not as bad as it could've been, so I'm just thankful for that. And I cannot wait to see where Jennifer takes us in The Struggle!

*Thank you to KP Simmon at Inkslinger PR for sending me an ARC for review*

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Yes I agree with everything you've said! <3 Seth made me so sad at times but I love the way Jen developed his and Josie's characters throughout the book :) The only problem is I'm now dying for the sequel haha :P Great review!

    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books


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