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Blood Passage Blog Tour: Review

Hello, everyone! Today is my stop on the blog tour for Blood Passage (Dark Caravan Cycle #2) by Heather Demetrios. I really liked this sequel to Exquisite Captive, which you can tell by my review below. Thank you to Me, My Shelf and I for letting me take part in this tour. You can check out the full schedule here :)

Title: Blood Passage (Dark Caravan Cycle #2)
Author: Heather Demetrios

Release date: March 1st 2016
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Format: ARC
Pages: 480

Source: Publisher
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A jinni who's lost everything.

A master with nothing to lose.

A revolutionary with everything to gain.

When Nalia arrives in Morocco to fulfil Malek's third and final wish she's not expecting it to be easy. Though Nalia is free from the shackles that once bound her to Malek as his slave, she's in more danger than ever before.

Meanwhile, Malek's past returns with a vengeance as he confronts the darkness within himself, and Raif must decide what's more important: his love for Nalia, or his devotion to the cause of Arjinnan freedom.

Set upon by powerful forces that threaten to break her, Nalia encounters unexpected allies and discovers that her survival depends on the very things she thought made her weak. From the souks of Marrakech to the dunes of the Sahara, The Arabian Nights come to life in this dazzling second installment of the Dark Caravan Cycle.

Blood Passage is a fantastic follow-up to Exquisite Captive - there's suspense and romance and some really cool action scenes and then other, really emotional ones. I loved every bit of it, and after that cliffhanger I cannot wait to pick up the next book.

The plot picks up right where the first book left off. Nalia, Raif, Malek and Zanari are in Morocco, heading towards where the sigil is. Nalia's still trying to figure out a way for Raif to get the sigil rather than Malek, but with the magic of the wish so unpredictable, they can't know anything for sure. They meet a lot of people along the way - some surprising ones. Nalia learns to adjust to being a free jinn and the last of the Ghan Aisouri, Raif struggles as his love for Nalia competes with his plans for the revolution, and Malek's past comes back to haunt him. All in all, the characters are put through the emotional wringer in this book, and not everyone comes out okay.

Nalia's strength awed me in the previous book, and it blew me away in this. She's finally free, but it's hard for her to get used to it after so long being shackled to Malek. On top of that, there are jinn that perceive her as the true empress, which she is, but the last thing Nalia wants is to rule the jinn. She wants to keep her freedom and help with the revolution with Raif, but those dreams are looking bleaker and bleaker by the day.

I loved Raif even more in this, and it was really sweet to see how he wanted to protect Nalia even though he knows she's more than capable of taking care of herself. He has the revolution in his mind always, but Nalia is there too and it makes things confusing in his head. But he knows he'll always choose Nalia. The dedication he has for her is incredible. They do go through rough patches in this book, but they're so strong together and it's obvious they're meant for each other.

Malek really confused me in this. I don't know what to think of him! I want to hate him, trust me, but I can't. Even after we find out some despicable things he did in his past, unforgivable things. Maybe it's because I don't fully blame him? His human side, at least. It's when his Ifrit side has control that he gets cruel and evil and whatnot. We find out quite a bit about Malek and who he used to be in this book. He's also changed quite a bit, I think. He's way more open about his feelings for Nalia, and it actually hurt to see how much he truly loves her and yet all she'll ever feel for him is hatred. There's a lot more I want to say about Malek and his role in this book, but those would be spoilery. I can't bring myself to hate or even dislike him, let's just leave it at that.

We get more flashbacks into the past, mostly Malek's, but Nalia's too. And the dialogue definitely makes me more curious about Arjinna. Most of this book is spent getting to the sigil, so we don't get to see Arjinna yet. I hope that'll happen in the next book, though! All in all, Blood Passage is a great installment in the series, and trust me, a lot happens in it even if you think it drags a little bit at times. It's definitely emotionally wrecking, at least it was for me. I hope the third book will calm my nerves and that things I'm hoping for will happen!

*Thank you to Me, My Shelf and I and HarperCollins for sending me an ARC for review*

Rating: 4/5

About the author:

When she’s not traipsing around the world or spending time in imaginary places, Heather Demetrios lives with her husband in New York City. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls the East Coast home. Heather has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is a recipient of the PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award for her debut novel, Something Real. Her other novels include Exquisite Captive, the first in the Dark Caravan Cycle fantasy series, and I’ll Meet You There. She is the founder of Live Your What, an organization dedicated to fostering passion in people of all ages and creating writing opportunities for underserved youth.

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