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Review: Illuminate by Tracy Clark

Title: Illuminate (The Light Key Trilogy #3)
Author: Tracy Clark

Release date: October 6th 2015
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Format: eARC
Pages: 447

Source: NetGalley

Can one girl be the light in a world spiraling toward darkness?

Haunted by the loss of her loved ones, Cora Sandoval, one of the remaining few of an extraordinary race known as Scintilla, holds the key to disentangling the biggest conspiracy in human history...and its link to the fate of the human race. As Cora follows a trail of centuries-old clues and secrets, she collides with a truth not only shocking, but dangerous.

With enemies both known and unknown hot on her trail, Cora must locate each of the ancient clues hidden in the art, religions, and mythologies of humankind. And through it all, she must keep her heart from being torn apart by the two boys she loves most. One is Scintilla, one is Arazzi.

Save herself. Save the Scintilla. Save the world.
Or die trying…

Illuminate is the final book in the Light Key trilogy, and it definitely goes out with a bang. There was more action in this than the second book, and we finally get answers we've been waiting for since the first book. I hadn't reread the previous book before reading this, so there were some things I couldn't remember, but Tracy Clark did a great job on catching us up on the bigger events that occurred previously.

Cora goes off in search of the answers to what the key really is and what it opens. She'll do anything to save her loved ones and all the Scintilla remaining. Now that both her parents and her cousin are gone, she has very few people close to her left, and she's not about to let anyone else go. She has to deal with the future of her people as well as the two boys who have her heart - Finn and Giovanni.

This book is split into three alternating POVs - Cora, Finn, and Giovanni. It made sense since all three of them are separate for most of the novel. In fact, they were in different countries for most of it. That was one thing I didn't really like; I wish they'd been together more. They work well together (okay maybe not all three together, but at least Cora with one of the boys). Cora heads off to Italy early on, Finn stays in Ireland and Giovanni goes to Chile to take care of Cora's grandmother, who's also Scintilla.

There's quite a bit of focus on things that happened towards the end of Deviate, and I'm afraid I was still a little clueless there. But it set a lot in motion for the plot of this book. Finn has more Arrazi with him, which gives him new perspectives on things. I liked Finn way more in this - he's not depressed and kind of suicidal like he was in the previous book, thank god. He steps up and actually does stuff to help Cora.

The plot still moved a bit too slowly for my liking, and the book is pretty long. There's a lot of background on Christian stories from the Bible, and I was again clueless about those. But I do appreciate the amount of research that goes into a series like this! I feel like I learnt quite a bit from the background info we get.

Cora discovers the truth about what the light key is as well as about Scintilla and Arrazi. I won't say any more about that, but it's big, trust me. And I can't say much about the ending of the series without giving anything away, either. I can say that it's definitely not what I was expecting. And I commend Tracy on the writing decisions she made. It was a hell of a roller coaster, this series, and I'm glad I decided to read and review Scintillate when I got the chance.

*Thank you to Entangled Teen for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 3/5

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