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Rebound Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Rebound (Boomerang #2) by Noelle August! Thank you to Megan Schumann at HarperCollins for contacting me about this tour. Check out my review below and enter the giveaway :)

Title: Rebound (Boomerang #2)
Author: Noelle August

Release date: February 10th 2015
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 247

Source: Edelweiss
Purchase links: Amazon | B&N | IndieBound

Hooking up is only the beginning of the fun in this sexy and irresistible second installment of the thrilling New Adult series, Boomerang.

Adam Blackwood has it all. At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of the heap in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and knocks the tech wunderkind down, throwing his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos.

Three years ago, Adam married his high school love—and then lost her in a tragic accident. Now, the heartbreak and guilt he’s tried to bury with work and women begins to take over his life.

Alison Quick, the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a business tycoon—and the very ex-girlfriend of Boomerang’s former intern, Ethan—has a problem of her own. She’s got one chance to prove to her father that she deserves a place in his empire by grabbing control of Boomerang and taking Adam down.

But as Alison moves in on him, armed with a cadre of lawyers and accountants, she discovers there’s much more to Adam and Boomerang than meets the eye. Will earning her father’s approval come at the price of losing her first real love? It appears so, unless Adam can forgive her for wrecking his life and trying to steal his livelihood. But Alison hopes that old adage is right. Maybe love can conquer all.

Rebound is a companion to Boomerang, a New Adult contemporary I really enjoyed last year. This one's cute too, but it doesn't trump the first book. I did really like how the authors made us like Alison in this one! I don't remember her in Boomerang, but I do know that she wasn't likeable at all. So kudos to Noelle August for that!

Rebound follows Alison (Ethan's ex-girldfriend) and Adam, the super-rich founder of the Boomerang company. Boomerang is looking for investers, and Quick Enterprises is a big potential one. But Alison's dad needs to look into Boomerang and Adam before he decides to invest, and the methods he plans to use are a little over-the-top. Alison and Adam are stuck in between, as two people attracted to each other when they have no business to be.

I adored Adam in Boomerang, so I was super excited to read about him in this. And I was not disappointed. Loved him in this, too! He's funny and charming, but he can be really professional when he wants to be. Also, Adam has a dark past that we get to find out here. It's tragic, but at the same time it shows how strong he is, how he can go on with his life regardless.

Alison was a little harder to warm to, but I totally did soon enough. Yes, she's made mistakes, but she doesn't allow them to define her life. And though I wish she stood up to her dad more, I liked that she doesn't just go along with everything he tells her to. He's a nightmare, honestly... I really wanted to bash his head in at one point towards the end. Alison's snarky and fun, and kind of sweet in contrast to her dad. I was totally rooting for her and Adam after the first couple chapters itself. Alison adores horses, and she loves rescuing them, which I think is amazing. She gives them a much better life, and I admire her so much for that.

Though I liked Alison and Adam individually, I felt like together they didn't have too much of a spark. There was a good romance, and it's obvious they care for each other, but I couldn't see in them what I saw in Ethan and Mia, which disappointed me a little.

Overall, Rebound is a cute NA novel with just the right balance of fun and serious. If you're a New Adult fan, I'd recommend reading this. And Boomerang of course! I'm sure you'll love Ethan, Mia, Alison and Adam as much as I did!

*Thank you to Megan Schumann and Edelweiss for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 3/5

About the author:

Question: What do you get when friends pen a story with heart, plenty of laughs, and toe-curling kissing scenes? Answer: Noelle August, the pseudonym for renowned editor and award-winning writer Lorin Oberweger and New York Times bestselling YA author Veronica Rossi, the masterminds behind the Boomerang series.

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