Saturday, 4 October 2014

Boston Teen Author Festival 2014!

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever book festival - the Boston Teen Author Festival! Held in Cambridge Public Library, it included twenty-four authors, a really cool intro session, four awesome panels, and a signing.

I unfortunately did not know most of the authors featured, but I was pretty excited about the ones I did! Among them were Alexandra Bracken, Huntley Fitzpatrick, A.C. Gaughen, and Esther Friesner.

I went with one of my best friends and fellow book blogger, Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic, and we had an awesome time together! I didn't take too many pictures, but here they are anyway.

This is the Meet the Authors panel! Each author talked about their book for a bit, and then they had to answer interesting questions about themselves. One in particular that I really liked was 'What is your most useless talent?'

Turns out that authors have some really cool (albeit useless) talents! I was pretty impressed when Gregg Rosenblum rattled off all the states of the US in alphabetical order. I'm writing this post almost a week after the event (I've barely had any time) so I can't remember much :(

This is the first panel we attended - Criminal Minds: Writing the Bad Guy. The authors featured were Charlotte Johnson Bennardo, Josh Berk, Julie Berry, Hillary Monahan, Diana Renn, and Laurie Faria Stolarz (not in order in the picture above).

It was a super interesting panel, and it raised a lot of questions about villains and how authors start off writing them. Also how they get into the villain's minds. For example, one of them mentioned that most villains don't think of themselves as bad guys, so they need a sort of background or justification in the book that explains why they think this way.

After a nice lunch break, Rabiah and I went to the second panel. We chose Choose Your Own Adventure: Characters Who Forge Their Own Destiny. The authors in this one were Alexandra Bracken, Esther Friesner, A.C. Gaughen, Sashi Kaufman, Kendall Kulper, and Cammie McGovern.

I wish this panel had been longer, because we ran out of time towards the end. This panel featured three authors I knew, so I was pretty psyched about that! I loved hearing about the protagonists of each book and how the respective authors felt about the choices the characters had to make. Alexandra Bracken, for example, said that when she wrote the ending of The Darkest Minds, she wholly agreed with Ruby's big decision, but while writing Never Fade, she changed her mind and was all 'No Ruby you shouldn't have done that!'

After the panel ended, the signing began. I'd only read The Darkest Minds out of the books I got signed in this room, but it was awesome nevertheless. I even got a picture with Alexandra Bracken, who is super sweet!

Thanks Rabiah for taking the picture!

I only bought two books at the event, because they were all hardcover and I don't like hardcovers. If only they were selling paperbacks too! I brought two books with me, though, to get signed. So I bought Never Fade and Deception's Princess, and brought Scarlet and My Life Next Door with me.

Look at all the beautiful signed books 

And this is all the swag I collected from the event! Some will be kept for the swag giveaways I will have when I get back to Singapore in December :)

And finally here's me and Rabiah in my room! (This was taken the next day because both of us stupidly forgot to take a picture together at the event)

So overall the Boston Teen Author Festival was lots of fun. I liked that there weren't too many people, so it wasn't overwhelming. Attending a book festival was near the top of my list of the things I was looking forward to about coming to the US for uni, so I'm incredibly glad I got to attend! Though I ended up missing my first college homecoming (why were they on the same day at the exact same time *sob*), I had a great time. And I'm already looking forward to my next book event - the Boston Book Festival on October 25th!

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