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Review: Ghost Heart by Ripley Patton

Title: Ghost Heart (The PSS Chronicles #3)
Author: Ripley Patton

Release date: September 30th 2014
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Format: eARC
Pages: 170

Source: Author

In the aftermath of a brutal tragedy, Jason and Passion are on the run. Marcus is lost beyond reach, and The Hold is in shambles. If that weren't enough, Olivia Black has been taken by the CAMFers to be used as Dr. Fineman's personal lab rat in his merciless quest to uncover the mysteries of Psyche Sans Soma once and for all. But only if he can break her.

They are scattered.
They are devastated.
They are ruined.

Their only hope is Olivia's stubborn determination to thwart her captors and unlock the secrets of her ghost hand before Dr. Fineman can. Will she finally find the strength within herself to embrace the full power of her PSS?

And will it even matter if Marcus has already betrayed her?

Ghost Heart is the third installment in The PSS Chronicles, and I'm definitely glad it's not the last! Though the book isn't particularly long, there is a lot packed into it, and so many twists and surprises. I was honestly shocked at so many of them! So I applaud Ripley for all the unpredictability.

We get three POVs in this book - Passion, Marcus, and Olivia. Which is a change from the previous two books. I liked seeing things through different eyes, but I was pretty impatient in the beginning waiting to find out what's going on with Olivia! I definitely liked getting to know Passion better, though. There are so many things I want to say but I can't because of spoilers! But trust me, this book will really take you on a roller coaster.

I missed Olivia and Marcus's interactions, because they're one of my favourite YA couples - they click so well together and their banter is amusing. But I feel like the events of this book needed to happen so we can get to know them individually as well. If you've read Ghost Hold, you'll know there's more than one cliffhanger at the end. Well, things aren't going so well for Olivia, or Passion and Jason, or Marcus. And it's also still hard to read the book knowing Yale and Nose aren't in it.

There's definite heartbreak in Ghost Heart, I'm not going to lie. So many emotions in this! I like how deeply I'm getting involved in this series, and I love the characters. Olivia, though in a precarious situation, is still standing strong, and I really admire her willpower and ability to stay calm and keep a clear head. Passion's pretty awesome too, I've come to realize. I admit I didn't love her previously, but in this book I really did. I don't want to say much about Marcus since he goes through a lot (and also spoilers) but I will say that though things are still murky with him I believe he's a good guy and it's amazing how much he cares about the people he loves.

Again, there isn't much more I can say without giving something away. Regarding the plot, we get to know more about the Hold, and more about how it originated with Samantha's dad. We also find out a little more about the CAMFers and their relationship with the Hold. It was cool getting all this background, and I'm sure it'll all play a big role in the next book. We also get to know more about PSS powers! Not just Olivia's, but others as well. Although hers are the most detailed, of course.

So all in all, I was really happy with this. Though goshhh it's going to be hard waiting for the fourth book! Especially with the way this ended. It was a powerful ending, and a great one, but more cliffhangers! To all the YA readers - if you love paranormal and you haven't picked up The PSS Chronicles yet, what are you waiting for? Go grab it!

*Thank you to Ripley Patton for sending me an eARC for review*

Rating: 4/5


  1. Wow, this series isn't even on my radar, but I just read the descriptions for the first two books, and with your review of the third tacked on it sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Richa, thanks so much for the great review, and just a note about length. GHOST HEART is actually 83,000 words long but it reads fast and hard, I know ;) Thank you so much for your skilled review with no spoilers. I know that can be difficult for a third book.

  3. I am looking forward to reading this! I got an ARC as well and it will be one of my next reads. I really like multiple point of views in books, so I am curious how it will be in this book. I already liked Passion in the previous book, so I am looking forward to get to know her better. Great review!


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