Thursday, 1 May 2014


If you've been checking out City of Books over the past few weeks, you'll have realized that I've posted a hell of a lot of May-releasing book reviews.

Well, I guess you can tell from the title what I'm going to say here. But yes, City of Books will be on hiatus for the entire month of May. Apart from this post, of course. Which is why I wanted to get most of my May ARC reviews out of the way.

Why the hiatus? I have one acronym for you - IB. For those of you who've studied it in high school, you've felt my pain. For those of you who will study it in the future, good luck! You'll need it. Final IB exams begin in four days (holy crap!) and end on the 21st. So I've decided to stay away from reading and blogging for the month.

Yes, it'll be hard, especially to not read for a whole month since I usually can't go more than like three days without a book. But IB's kind of important, I guess ;)

I'll still be on Twitter occasionally, and email's always a good way to reach me! So I won't be entirely cut off from the blogging world, thankfully.

I should get back to studying now! See you guys in a month 

Oh, and I'll leave you with a couple of IB memes. Just because! (fact - they're not too far off from the truth)