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Review: Push by Eve Silver

Title: Push (The Game #2)
Author: Eve Silver
Release date: June 10th 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Format: eARC
Pages: 218
Source: Edelweiss

It’s either break the rules or die.

Miki Jones lives her life by her own strict set of rules, to keep control, to keep the gray fog of grief at bay. Then she’s pulled into the Game, where she—and her team—will die unless she follows a new set of rules: those set by the mysterious Committee.

But rules don’t mean answers, and without answers, it’s hard to trust. People are dying. The rules are unraveling. And Miki knows she’s being watched, uncertain if it’s the Drau or someone—something—else. Forced to make impossible choices and battling to save those she loves, Miki begins to see the Committee in a glaring new light.

And then the Game crosses a new boundary, pushes harder into Miki’s and her friends’ lives, and there’s nothing in the rules that can save them now.

Push is fast-paced, action-packed, and one hell of a ride. I loved it! I've always felt that the concept of this series is unique and intriguing, and after the cliffhanger at the end of Rush, I couldn't wait to get started on this. We go deeper into the Game, but at the same time we don't. There are still questions left unanswered, and new ones arise in this book. So I'm eagerly awaiting the conclusion now!

The book starts off at the moment Rush left off. Miki and Luka are pulled back, realizing Jackson isn't with them. They know he's still alive, and Miki strives to find him. But they're still pulled for more missions, and each one is more dangerous than the next. When the seemingly virtual dimension of the game melds with their real life on Earth, Miki and the others need to do whatever they can to keep everyone safe. After all, they're used to constantly saving the world. Just not in such a direct way.

I wasn't exactly Miki's biggest fan in the previous book, but I'm glad her character develops in this one. She's not clingy or whiny anymore, and she's really taken on a leadership role. Miki's still as demanding of answers as ever, but she doesn't get much. There's also her constantly-changing relationship with Jackson, on top of it all.

Jackson isn't as enigmatic in this book, but we sadly don't get to see much of him. Though I did love seeing his little moments with Miki. Their relationship has a lot of bumps, though. They're constantly trying to keep each other safe, dooming themselves in the process. But I loved how protective Jackson is of Miki. It's obvious how much they care for each other, and though there are still lingering trust issues, as expected, I think they can get through them.

Though Luka is present throughout, we don't see much of him either. It's like he's faded into the background a little. I'm glad that the love triangle going on in Rush is gone in this book, but I would have liked to see more of Luka, since he's a great character.

I loved all the action in this novel, and there are a lot of twists I never saw coming. But I was hoping to get some answers in this, which I didn't get at all. We don't find out anything more about the Drau and why the Game exists, and the Committee too is still really mysterious. Events in this book also raised more questions for me, so I'm counting on Crash to answer literally everything!

If you've read Rush, you'll know it ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. Well, Push ends with an even bigger one! I was left gaping, and I hate that I can't pick up the next book right now. But regardless, I'm glad I read this one now. Because it brought me back to the intense FPS-like world created in this series and I would really recommend it to all the sci-fi lovers out there.

*Thank you to HarperCollins for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 4/5


  1. I'm so jealous that you get to read this so early! I absolutely loved Rush, and have so eagerly hoped that some ARC god would grant me a pre-read to no avail.

    I'm sorry there wasn't much of Jackson here, though. Boo. I'm still looking forward to reading this, though. :)

  2. Excellent, 4/5! That's honestly just about all that I read, because I have an ARC of this one for review, and I'll be getting to it next month/late April. I cannot wait to read it! I'm glad that you liked this one, Richa! Great review, girl (though I apologize for not reading it entirely - I just wanted to know if the rating was positive or not!).

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Hmm this sort of reminds me of Enders Game, which is a book I just finished and absolutely loved. I don't know if I will read this because it's too similar and too soon, as well as me needing to read the first one still. But I love the colours of the cover <3


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