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Stakeout Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Stakeout (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #2.5) by Nikki Jefford! Thank you to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for organizing this. You can check out the full tour schedule here. Read my review below and enter the tour-wide giveaway!

Title: Stakeout (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #2.5)
Author: Nikki Jefford
Release date: February 4th 2014
Publisher: Acorn Valley Press
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Format: eARC
Pages: 151
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
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Noel Harper got a second chance at life when the government recruited her as an undercover vampire informant. Since the day they brought her back from the good-as-dead, she has wanted to prove herself worthy.

When a member of her investigative unit is murdered, Noel is paired up with a vampire hunter named Dante to spy on a suspect in Fairbanks. The problem? They're not the only ones on stakeout. Taking down murderous vampires is one thing. Dealing with the past is another. But this time, Noel isn't letting fear win. She's calling in help from the other side and discovers a shocking secret along the way.

Stakeout is a novella in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series, and it's told from Noel's point of view instead of Aurora's. I think this novella is a great idea, because we really get to know the ever-elusive Noel in this, and we find out more about what happened on her side of things in Northern Bites, the second book of this series.

At the end of Northern Bites, I was pretty pissed at both Noel and Fane. But after reading this? I love them again! It just goes to show that everything isn't as it seems and misunderstandings happen pretty often. We get Noel's backstory in this novella and I found myself liking her more and more as I read on. Although, it frustrated me that several scenes in Stakeout are exactly the same as in Northern Bites, just in Noel's POV rather than Aurora's. Since I had to re-read Northern Bites to remind myself of the story, these scenes felt very repetitive to me.

This is a pretty long novella, which I liked because there's a lot of substance in it. We get to see Noel and Dante's stakeout mission, and also find out a lot about Noel's feelings about Gavin, the vampire. I never knew if she really liked him or was just putting on a show, but we explore her feelings in this. And I loved seeing Dante and Fane again, since I really missed them. Dante is as you would expect, goofy and charming. But we get to see a glimpse of the fact that he really does care for Aurora a lot, despite his funny antics.

What surprised me the most, though, is Fane. He was quite aloof in Northern Bites, and I had felt sorry for Aurora because it seemed like he was brushing her off. But I take back the bad stuff I thought about him, because Fane is kind and caring, and he would never do anything that would put Aurora in danger. In fact, everything he's done is to keep her safe. I really hope they get to talk things out in the next book, because they both need each other.

Noel finds out some dark secrets about the organization she works for, and this will play a big part in the next book. So Stakeout is actually quite vital to read before Bad Blood - it's not just some filler novella. Noel has pretty big family issues, and I felt so sorry for her throughout. I really got to know her, and I know that in future books I'll definitely be more understanding of her.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, as well as new ones popping up, so I'm really hoping to get some answers in the next book. Stakeout is definitely interesting, though at times a little redundant. I like Noel a lot more now, and I'm really looking forward to reading Bad Blood.

*Thank you to Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 3/5

About the author:

Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands (Wash.) where she is once more neighbors with Canada in a town without a single traffic light. She loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt.

When she's not reading, writing, working, or out on a nature walk, she's out riding her Suzuki DRZ400SM.

Find Nikki on:

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  1. Great review! I like that even for a novella it's got substance and happenings. I really want to give this series a try!


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