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Review: Wanderers by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan

Title: Wanderers (Wasteland #2)
Authors: Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan
Release date: March 25th 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian
Format: eARC
Pages: 236
Source: Edelweiss

The former citizens of Prin are running out of time. The Source has been destroyed, so food is scarcer than ever. Tensions are rising…and then an earthquake hits.

So Esther and Caleb hit the road, leading a ragtag caravan. Their destination? A mythical city where they hope to find food and shelter - not to mention a way to make it past age nineteen.

On the way, alliances and romances blossom and fracture. Esther must rally to take charge with the help of a blind guide, Aras. He seems unbelievably cruel, but not everything is as it seems in the Wasteland.…

In this sequel to Wasteland, the stakes are even higher for Esther, Caleb, and the rest of their clan. They're pinning all their hopes on the road...but what if it's the most dangerous place of all?

Wanderers is quite different from what I expected, in both a good and bad way. I loved getting back into this dystopian world after so long, because I really enjoyed Wasteland. The world-building in this series is great, and there's a whole lot of new stuff in this one.

Though Levi is dead and the dangers associated with him are gone, the people of Prin aren't safe and healthy. Far from it. They're running out of food, and after an earthquake kills half the population, Esther and Caleb decide they all need to leave, to find a city where they've heard the people live into their thirties and forties and have plenty of food. But there's a lot that could go wrong with fifty straggling people making their way across the country.

I grew to like Esther even more, as she's really stepped up and taken control of things. She genuinely cares about the people of Prin, and she'd never lead them into danger. Esther's also a lot happier now with Caleb and his son, Kai. She's tougher and more confident, and I liked that even when faced with tragedies, she keeps her head on straight.

We still don't get to find out too much about Caleb, but I liked how his relationship with Esther progresses. They're more comfortable around each other and you can tell they really love one another even though they met quite recently. There's something I want to talk about here but it's spoilery so just highlight the text if you want to read it or if you've already read the book - start of spoiler: I HATE the fact that Caleb dies in this! Not even at the end, just about a third in. We barely get to know him and he just freaking DIES. It's the one thing I'm really pissed about in this book and that's why I brought my rating down a little. I loved him and thought he was a great character to explore, so his death is honestly so pointless. Just to introduce Aras and make Esther fall for him since Caleb is gone? I liked Aras but I wish Caleb didn't have to die for him to be in this book -.- end of spoiler.

We're introduced to a new character in this book - Aras. I found myself liking him immediately! He's blind, though also the best guide you would find. He's good at taking care of himself, and ends up teaching the Prin group quite a lot. He's realistic and not afraid to be blunt when he needs to be, and I think his honesty really drew me to him. I can't wait to find out more about him in the next book.

Wanderers is a lot darker than its predecessor. It's focused on a select group of characters who make their way to 'Mundreel', the city they've been searching for. I found that aspect really dark as well - the stakes are definitely a lot higher in this book. We get to know more about the setting and how the Wasteland came about, which I found really interesting. I don't want to give anything away so I won't say any more about it. But I definitely enjoyed this book for the most part, and I'm looking forward to book 3!

*Thank you to HarperCollins for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 3.5/5

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