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Review: A Little Too Much by Lisa Desrochers

Title: A Little Too Much (A Little Too Far #2)
Author: Lisa Desrochers
Release date: November 12th 2013
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 273
Source: Edelweiss

In the follow-up to Lisa Desrochers’ explosive New Adult novel A Little Too Far, Alessandro Moretti must face the life he escaped and the girl he loved and left behind.

Twenty-two year old Hilary McIntyre would like nothing more than to forget her past. As a teenager abandoned to the system, she faced some pretty dark times. But now that’s all behind her. Hilary has her life on track, and there’s no way she’ll head back down that road again.

Until Alessandro Moretti—the one person who can make her remember—shows up on her doorstep. He’s even more devastatingly gorgeous than before, and he’s much too close for comfort. Worse, he sees right through the walls she’s built over these last eight years, right into her heart and the secrets she’s guarding.

As Hilary finds herself falling back into love with the man who, as a boy both saved and destroyed her, she must decide. Past or future? Truth or lies?

A Little Too Much is an incredible follow-up to one of my favourite NA novels. It's a beautiful blend of romance, drama and humour, and the intensity of the emotions you'll come across in this book will blow you away. Lisa Desrochers is an amazing author, and this novel kept me up late at night because I just couldn't put it down.

When I found out that A Little Too Much is Alessandro's story, I freaked out. I loved him so much in the first book, and I'd been dying to see his happy ending. Though this book is solely in Hilary's point of view, we get to know so much about the two of them as individuals as well as together. They both share a dark past, something they'd rather forget, but in the end it's that past that brings them together in the present. They begin to realize how much they mean to one another, and slowly, deeply buried feelings find their way back into the light.

If you loved Alessandro in the first book, I guarantee you'll love him even more in this one. What we don't get to see much in A Little Too Far is his amazing sense of humour. The cockroach prank in this book had me laughing every single time! He's definitely more relaxed in a way, but at the same time it's clear he's still getting over Lexie and the fact that he almost became a priest. On top of that, he hasn't forgiven himself for everything that happened in the group home with him, Hilary, and his brother Lorenzo. I felt for Alessandro so much throughout the novel. And I really admire him for all the good he's doing to make up for his past.

Hilary is a no-nonsense kind of girl, blunt and tough. She's an aspiring actress, though she's still trying to get her big break. I loved her from the beginning, though I didn't like the fact that she and her 'boyfriend' Brett just used each other for their own needs. I think she should have got out of that relationship a long time ago. But thank goodness Alessandro shows up to knock some sense into her. I really loved their interaction over the course of the novel. Their weekly Thursday hangouts, their free attitudes with each other... It's obvious that the two of them have great chemistry and are really good for one another. Sure, there are dark secrets between them and Hilary has some residual trust issues after what happened between them all those years ago, but the way they work it out is really sweet.

There are a few twists in this one that I figured out from the hints dropped, but they shocked me nonetheless. The later part of the book is really intense, but so well-written that everything just flowed with the story. Moreover, the humour embedded throughout definitely cracked me up when things got too serious. In fact, the very last line of the book had me bursting into laughter! 

I loved the character development of the protagonists; it was great to see how much they've grown and changed over just a few months. And even though Lexie and Trent don't make an appearance in this book, we still find out how they're doing, through a letter sent by Lexie. That was a nice touch, since I was dying to know how things turned out for them! Overall, A Little Too Much is definitely one of my top NAs, and I'm really looking forward to more from Desrochers, in A Little Too Hot.

*Thank you to HarperCollins for providing me with an ARC for review*

Rating: 5/5


  1. I haven't read the first book yet but it sounds wonderful. I love all the combination that the author achieved well in here. I'll be picking this book up for sure.

  2. I love your review. This book was incredible. I found Alessandro crush-worthy in ALTM, but he's so much more than that. His sense of humor was wonderful and he was seriously sexy too. Now we can wait for the third book... :)

  3. I haven't read the first book yet, but I really enjoyed her Personal Demons YA series. Guess I'll have to pick this series up as well since I've seen pretty much nothing but glowing reviews. :)


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