Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #9: Top Ten Books On My Fall 2013 TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and it features top ten lists of various topics.

I both love and hate this topic. I love it because I get to feature the books I'm most looking forward to, but I hate it because I have to narrow down the books to just ten. Hopefully it'll be manageable, since I may have already read some Fall books I was really looking forward to, so I won't have to feature those. When I say Fall, I'm going by the Northern Hemisphere standards, since Singapore doesn't have seasons. So the books I'm featuring will release between September 22nd and December 20th. Oh, and this isn't strictly YA - there will be a couple of NA books in here too, and one adult, I think.

1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Release date: October 22nd 2013

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Of course Allegiant has to be my number one most anticipated Fall 2013 book! I think it's my most anticipated book of the year, actually. I can't wait to see how it all ends.

2. Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Release date: November 2nd 2013

Another obvious one. The Covenant series is one of my favourites ever, and even though I'm terrified to read this book, I'm dying to as well. I mean, more Alex and Aiden? Yes, please! They're two of my favourite YA characters of all time, and I love reading about them.

3. Champion by Marie Lu
Release date: November 5th 2013

Huh, I'm featuring quite a few series finales in this. Though that should be a given, since those are the books I'm most looking forward to. I can't wait to read Champion, the final book in one of my favourite dystopian series.

4. Crash into You by Katie McGarry
Release date: November 26th 2013

Katie's Pushing the Limits series is one of the best YA contemporary series out there, and I'm dying to read Isaiah's story! He's impossible not to love. And I desperately want a happy ending for him, so yeah. I need this one!

5. Unchained by J. Lynn
Release date: September 24th 2013

I've been waiting for this book for over a year now, and it's finally coming out this month! I'm crazy excited for it. I love anything to do with fallen angels, and anything written by JLA. Put them both together? BAM. Awesomeness in the making.

6. Snakeroot by Andrea Cremer
Release date: December 10th 2013

This is the book that no one expected but everyone wants to read! A spin-off to the amazing Nightshade series? Hell yeah! I anticipate the return of a much-loved character. *Cough*Ren*cough*

7. Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy
Release date: December 10th 2013

Another amazing Monica Murphy book to look forward to! This is Jen and Colin's book, and if you've read One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm dying to read this one!

8. Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles
Release date: October 1st 2013

I've heard so much about this book and author. So many have read and loved this book, so I absolutely cannot wait to read it. Plus, I think the characters sound amazing! I know I'll end up loving them.

9. Mine by Katy Evans
Release date: November 5th 2013

This is the sequel to Real, and if you haven't heard of that book yet, you've been living under a rock! I loved Real so much, and I cannot wait for Brooke and Remy's story to continue in Mine.

10. Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Firstly, can I just say how beautiful that cover is? Okay so I really liked the Fallen series by Lauren Kate, and this one sounds really awesome. I've never read anything like this before, and the unique premise makes it so intriguing.

So that's the top ten books I'm looking forward to this Fall! Are you looking forward to these as well, or are there any others you're dying to read? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Allegiant is definitely a popular one; I saw it on most of the lists I looked at today. I hope you get to read all of these soon!

  2. Allegiant is no surprise really :P Sentinel looks good but i haven't read the series, but think i need to at some point. I really want to read the Legend books by Lu as well, i've been hearing really good things :) in the rest of your books i see a few that i nearly put up as well so great list :)
    Thanks for stopping by my post :)

  3. I can't wait to read Sentinel or Teardrop :) Gotta love the Half-blood series and can't wait to see how it ends! Teardrop looks really good! Cheers!

  4. Good choices!! I have Sentinel on my list too. I'm so sad the series is ending, but I have a feeling this book will be EPIC.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  5. I love these TBR topics because they're so much easier than trying to find books that fit certain themes, but I understand your frustration -- I could have easily made a Top One Hundred Books on My Fall TBR List list! I hope you get around to reading all yours :)

  6. I'm really excited about Allegiant and Crash Into You. I think they'll be great! Good list!

  7. Allegiant, Sentinel and Unchained are all book I want to read as well.

  8. I've got Allegiant, Champion and Sentinel on my list too! It's gonna be a sob-tastic fall this year!

  9. Great picks! I´m looking forwrd to Allegiant, Sentinel, Chanpion and Crash into You.
    Here is My Top 10 Tuesday

  10. I cannot believe I forgot Allegiant, I suck! Great list!
    Happy reading!

  11. Allegiant and Champion are also on my list, but I don't know how I forgot about Crash Into You! I'm also excited to read Wild Cards.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  12. Awesome list :D Sigh. Dying for Allegiant and Champion. <3 hope you'll love all of these when you get to read them :)

  13. Gah! I forgot Mine! How could I forget REMY?! I still need to read Prodigy, but I'm sure I'll be excited for Champion! And of course Allegiant and Crash into You made my list. I am excited for Sentinel because it is then I will finally read all of the Covenant books! I figured I'd just wait and book binge all at once! LOL. Great list Richa!

    Thanks for stopping by mine!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  14. Oo, Teardrop looks intriguing, thanks for pointing it out :D

    My Fall TBR

  15. Everything by Simone and Katie is in my TBR pile! I just haven't gotten around to them yet!

    My TTT

  16. Teardrop is one I would love to read! Sadly, it is way up in the queue at my library. I hope you enjoy all these! Thanks for stopping by my Top ten this week!


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