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Review: Blood Oath by Charity Santiago

Title: Blood Oath (Rapid City Wolves #2)
Author: Charity Santiago
Release date: June 1st 2013
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Format: eARC
Pages: 110
Source: Review copy from author

Eve has claimed leadership of the Rapid City wolves, but her insistence on maintaining a platonic relationship with her beta werewolf, Max, has caused friction within the pack. Centuries-old tradition mandates that Eve and Max must be mates as well as co-leaders, but Eve's heart and soul belong only to Jericho, the vampire that Max has sworn a blood oath to kill.

To make matters worse, Jericho has all but disappeared, and the only indication of any vampire's presence in Rapid City is a sudden rash of brutal murders. Eve knows that claiming Max as her beta wounded Jericho deeply, but surely her decision wouldn't drive her soulmate to start killing again...would it?

I loved Blood Oath even more than Blood Lust! Charity really upped the stakes in this one, and there were quite a few plot twists that I never saw coming. We meet some new characters in this book, some good and some bad. And one of them is a shocker. I won't mention anything about that, of course! You'll have to read the book to find out.

Eve is now the alpha of the Rapid City wolf pack. She didn't want it, but she knows she needs to lead them. But Max is finding it hard to accept her leadership, since he's been leader for so long. Moreover, Eve's duties to the pack seem to come second to her love for Jericho, who is still missing after she claimed leadership, and Max as her beta. The pack is still getting trouble from the nomad wolf, but they've got new enemies now - vampire enemies. Vampire enemies that seem to know Jericho pretty well. Eve and Jericho's relationship is put to the test in this book, but will they make it out together?

I like how much Eve has grown from the first book to this one. Even though she was initially hesitant about leading the pack, she really grew into her role as alpha over the course of this novel. She also makes sure that Max understands that she's the alpha and he has to respect that. But Eve is torn between the pack and Jericho. Max is still after him, and of course there's the nomad too. Add a couple of new vampires who are out to get Eve, and she's got herself in a nice amount of trouble. But Eve's strong, and she's tough. She fights as hard as she can, and she doesn't back down.

Jericho is still an enigma, but less of one in Blood Oath. We find out more about his past and his relationship with No Rain, as well as other significant friendships he had. We find out most of this through his memories that are being accessed by Eve in her dreams. This is probably an effect of the soulmate principle. Jericho is still incredibly sweet with Eve, and I love that. But I wish he was more prominent in this book! Maybe we'll see more of him in the next one. I'm hoping for that. Because Jericho, despite his past, is definitely my favourite character in this book. More so than Max, and more so than Eve, even.

Out of the new people we meet, I think Nate is my favourite. A lone alpha like Eve used to be, he's soul bonded with a human, and wants to join Eve's pack because Eve's principles are similar to his. No one else would take him in. Nate is immediately a huge asset to the pack, primarily because he can communicate with Eve when they're both in wolf form - a benefit of being alphas. I also quite liked Tain, even though he's pretty dark. He's a vampire, bent on ruining Jericho, but he has this allure to him that even Eve couldn't stay away from. I'm kind of looking forward to knowing Tain more in the next book as well, though maybe what I find out won't be good. But I'll take my chances!

I know I'm repetitive with this, but I can't seem to emphasize enough how much I love the history background that's present in all of Charity's novels. In Blood Oath, we find out more about the legendary war between vampires and werewolves, which I found really interesting. Every paranormal author has a unique take on this famous feud, and I love reading their thoughts on it.

Blood Oath is definitely a must-read if you've read Blood Lust. And if you haven't, start this series ASAP! This one captured my attention straight away and I finished it in one go. I can't seem to get enough of it, and I'm dying to read the next book. The action, the suspense, and the characters are all so amazing in this book. After this, I can say that Rapid City Wolves is one of my new favourite paranormal series.

*Thank you to Charity Santiago for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 4.5/5

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