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Review: Regret by Charity Santiago

Title: Regret (Lady of Toryn #2)
Author: Charity Santiago
Release date: August 22nd 2012
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
Format: eBook
Pages: 120

Shortly before her nineteenth birthday, Ashlyn Li finds herself torn.

Between returning to the life she chose three years ago, or assuming leadership of her father's kingdom....

Between waiting for the vampire she desperately loves, or taking a chance on the assassin who desperately loves her...

Every choice comes with some measure of regret.

I loved getting back into Ashlyn's story in Regret! After the cliffhanger ending of Return, I was dying to know how Ashlyn was going to carry out her actions. I picked this one up immediately, and finished it within a day. It was great meeting all the characters again and seeing how they'd changed from the first book.

Regret, I feel, is a lot more emotional than Return. There are a lot of humongous changes in Ashlyn's life, and she's struggling to deal with them. She's also torn between wanting to do her duty to Toryn and ascend the throne, and wanting her own freedom. On top of all that, she has to deal with Drake and Vargo, both of whom she cares about deeply. She has to make a lot of decisions in this book, and she's not entirely sure she's made the right ones.

I can't imagine all the things Ashlyn has to deal with in this book! And she manages to keep her head on straight while her life is going crazy. She still maintains her usual sarcastic voice, so I was really glad about that. Even though she has grown a bit in this book, she still makes the same mistakes she did in
Return, still jumping right into situations without giving a second thought about her own safety. And these actions cost her dearly. The emotional trauma Ashlyn has to go through in Regret is overwhelming! The fact that she didn't cave underneath all of that shows just how strong she really is, and I really admire her for that.

I have to say I liked Drake more in this book. He definitely shows more emotion - a lot more. Ashlyn finally gets an insight into what he's thinking, and so do we. We even find out a lot more of his backstory. But even though I liked Drake more than I did in
Return, he still annoyed me. Mainly about his reasons for not being with Ashlyn. In my opinion they were pretty self-pitying. "I'm a monster, you deserve to be with a man, etc. etc." Give me a break! If you really like this girl, you would want to make her happy. And if being with you makes her happy, then give her that. Gosh, Drake. 

But Ashlyn is absolutely ecstatic that he's finally reciprocated something, and I guess I was just happy to see her happy. For three years, Ashlyn's loved Drake, and no matter how much she's tried to get him out of her head, she hasn't been able to. Now...well, now she has a chance. This part in the book was lovely to read, because it shows the depth of Ashlyn's emotions after she kisses Drake for the first time -

Kissing Drake was…different. Like watching the sunrise after a lifetime of darkness, or tasting a delicacy that was the only one of its kind. Each sensation was heightened, the breath in her lungs tasting of sweet dew and the fresh hint of rain, the sounds of the night like a symphony to her senses.
Vargo, of course, is as awesome as ever. I loved him so much more in this book! Though I wish there was more of him in it. But I'm not complaining, because I fell for him even more after reading this. Vargo has changed so much from who we saw in Return, and we get to see just how much he loves Ashlyn. It's so incredibly sweet! This line especially -
“I’ll always worry about you when you’re not with me”
 Aw, Vargo! If Ashlyn doesn't want you, I don't mind keeping you, if that's okay! One scene in particular made me almost tear up for him. I don't want to give anything away, but I don't think I can help it. The scene involves Vargo risking his life to save Ashlyn's, and it was the sweetest thing ever! And of course, stupid. But Vargo is a lot like Ashlyn in that manner - he acts before he thinks. I felt so incredibly sorry for Vargo throughout most of this book! It seemed clear that Ashlyn's heart belonged to Drake, and there's nothing Vargo could have done about it.

Skye is a prominent character, of course, and he's as badass as ever. Every scene with him is a favourite of mine! He and Ashlyn are great partners in battle, and I like how he's always there to look out for her. Now, if only he was there for Ash's sister, too! He's so adorably clueless when it comes to Restlyn's feelings for him. But the fact that he's an amazing fighter makes up for everything else.

There are some exceedingly surprising plot twists in Regret, and a lot of them involve Ashlyn's father. And Kou, of course. Yeah, Kou is back! That in itself will tell you how suspense-full this book is. I wish it were longer, though! I felt that it ended too quickly, and I needed more. Especially after that huge cliffhanger! Charity really knows how to write those and torture us with them! If you haven't read these books yet, you really, really need to. Lady of Toryn is such a fun and thrilling paranormal trilogy!

Rating: 3.5/5

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