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Review: Undone by Elizabeth Norris

Before the accident. Before their universes collided. Before they fell in love.

Riveting and romantic, Undone: An Unraveling Novella contains three short stories set in the world of Unraveling, the first book in the gripping sci-fi duology by Elizabeth Norris.

Before Ben Michaels saved Janelle Tenner’s life, Janelle saved Ben when he stumbled through an interuniverse portal into a completely new world. That day, he fell in love with the girl of his dreams. And he never forgot her.

Through three stories told from Ben’s point of view, learn how Ben and his friends discovered their ability to travel between worlds, how Ben first met Janelle, and how he pined for her for years before he actually got the chance to meet her, save her life, and capture her heart. And find out what happens to Ben between the cliff-hanger conclusion to Unraveling and the beginning of its heart-stopping sequel, Unbreakable.

It was so, so amazing to return to the Unraveling world after so long. I've been dying to read this novella ever since I first heard about it, and it definitely met all my expectations! Undone is a novella told entirely from Ben's perspective, and it shows us what happened before Ben saved Janelle, after he saved her, and after he left her.

I loved reading from Ben's point of view. Even before Janelle knew him, he cared for her so much. And it was astonishing to see that. Ben's doing everything he can to find a way back to his home, along with Eli and Reid, but at the same time he can't get Janelle out of his head. It's actually kind of funny that Ben really does seem like a stalker, when he knows everything about Janelle and follows her around despite the fact that he's never even had a conversation with her! Eli and Reid get quite pissed at him, but I think they get that he's completely and utterly in love with Janelle, and his feelings for her will never go away.

When he saved her. When Ben sees Janelle lying dead on the highway, he pretty much loses it. This is the point where he realizes that he's actually in love with her, and his emotions were so raw, his desperation so intense. This is my favourite quote from the novella, because it shows the depth of Ben's love for Janelle.

I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to smile, whether it was small and sly, a secret smile she was sharing with a friend, or wide and contagious, the kind that turned people’s heads and made them smile too. I wanted her to laugh, the louder the better. I wanted her to feel light, happy, free. I wanted her to have everything good and perfect in this world, and I wanted to shield her from stress and sadness, no matter how small or insignificant.
More than anything, I wanted her to live. Needed her to live.
The part of Undone that I was most excited for was the part after Ben leaves. This is what happens after the end of Unraveling, and I was dying to find out what Ben's home was like. Unfortunately, when Ben and Eli return home, nothing is what they expected. There have been a lot of major changes, and they can never go back to how their lives were before they left. It was great seeing Ben's brother, Derek, and I really like him. He's fun and supportive, and the only one in Ben's family who really gets him. I loved how Ben always thought of Janelle after he returned home. It was heartbreakingly sad, of course, but I loved it.

There was a surprising plot turn near the end of this novella. The IA, or Interverse Agency, is back in the picture, but not in a good way. Ben and Eli go through some horrific stuff, which was something completely unexpected! I'm still a little unsure about the ending, but I guess Unbreakable will clear that up for me.

Speaking of Unbreakable, the first two chapters were available at the end of this novella! I really did not expect that. I absolutely have to talk about that, too, though of course it's not really a part of Undone. Janelle hasn't gotten over everything that happened in Unraveling, but she's trying her best to. She can't stop thinking of Ben, and she can't stop thinking of Alex. She lost two of the most important people in her life on the same day, and I can't imagine how hard it is for her to deal with that. The ending of the Unbreakable sneak peek is absolute torture for readers! Just a warning. I NEED the rest of the book now!

Okay, back to Undone. It really is an amazing read, because we all needed to get inside Ben's head! And what a wonderful experience it was. Seriously, if you've read Unraveling, there's no way you can miss out on this one! I'm pretty sure it will help get me through the days until Unbreakable comes out.

Rating: 5/5


  1. I want to read Unraveling so bad. It's pretty bad that my husband knows if he wants to do something sweet... get me an Amazon gift card. Unraveling will definitely be at the top of the purchase list now!
    ~Ashley @ Nook of Books Reviews

    1. Haha, that's so cute! Yay, I hope you love it :D


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