Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review + Giveaway: Fangtabulous by Lucienne Diver

With the Ghouligans in town, we can't stay in Salem. But with a supernatural strangler running loose, we can't leave.

After figuring out that the Feds like to perform mad experiments on vamps for fun and profit, I decided it was time for me - Gina Covello, fashionista of the fanged - and my minions to ditch our government spy jobs. Unfortunately, that made us public enemies number one through six.

Being on the run is no picnic, and who knew our perfect hiding place would be crawling with ghosts? A nasty spirit from ye old witch trial days - maybe the infamous Sheriff Corwin - is on a killing spree. And with a producer from the ghost hunting reality show Ghouligans ready to blow our vamp cover, Salem isn't helping us to blend in. But the supernatural strangler needs to be stopped. Sure, I rose form the dead, but this evil ghost's victims won't be as lucky... or as fangtabulous as me.

This series keeps getting better with every book I read! Fangtabulous is my favourite by far, for so many reasons. I loved the character development, the intense plot, the mystery aspect interwoven within the storyline, and the ever-present signature humour of this series.

In Fangtabulous, Gina and the others are on the run from the Feds, after realizing that they aren't exactly the good guys. They decide to stay in Salem for a while, until they find out that the cast and producers of a supernatural TV show, Ghouligans, is in town. Being vamps, they have to avoid the cameras at all costs, but there's another risk too - they can't have the producers finding out their little secret. But the appearance of a supernatural strangler convinces them to stay, especially when Gina becomes a target.

I really like how much Gina's grown from the start of the series. In Vamped, she struck me as vain and superficial. But now, she's smart, kick-ass, and also really compassionate. She doesn't want to leave Salem because she wants to save everyone in the town from the strangler. She values their safety more than her own. She's still sarcastic and quirky, which are the things I like most about her. But I found it great that she also opened up to Bobby, her boyfriend, more. Their moments together were really cute! Speaking of Bobby, there's a nice little plot twist concerning him near the middle of the book. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say 'nice'. But it was both serious and hilarious at the same time, and I was torn between laughing and worrying for the better part of the book!

A character from a previous book returns in Fangtabulous, and that just made me love this book even more. Care to hazard a guess? It's Ulric, of course! The goth guy from ReVamped who had a thing for Gina? Well, he's back, and Bobby's not very happy about it! Ulric is my favourite character from the series, other than Bobby maybe, and I was so psyched to see him come back in this book! There wasn't exactly a love triangle here, but it was pretty close. I think one might develop in the next book. I'm intrigued to see how that would work. Anyway, Ulric is as hilarious as ever, and he's always there to give Gina a laugh when she needs one. I'm still Team Bobby all the way, though!

I loved that this book was about the Salem witch trials, because I've been interested in them ever since I first heard about them. They make a great background for the plot of a book. The Vamped series has always had great suspense and action, but Fangtabulous definitely surpassed the others. Lucienne Diver has created an awesome plot for this book - the whole witch trials and Book of Shadows aspects got me really interested.

After reading Fangtabulous, I honestly can't wait to read the next one, assuming that the series will continue. And it should! With that ending, I'd love to find out what happens next. Fangtabulous is perfectly paced, action-packed, and a great balance or romance, suspense, and humour. If you've read the previous books in the Vamped series, you definitely can't mis out on this! And if you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

*Thank you to Lucienne Diver for providing a copy for review*

Rating: 4/5

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