Saturday, 22 December 2012

In My Mailbox #5

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren which allows us to share the books we’ve bought, borrowed and received.
Here's my book haul for this week!

(these are just the print copies)


Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I guess you could say this is my Christmas present from my parents :)


Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
ARC of Black City by Elizabeth Richards
Lux buttons
Daemon Invasion bookmark and other swag
Bookmark of Release by M.R. Merrick

Received for Books That Spark: YA & MG 2013

ARC of Catherine by April Lindner

For Review

ARC of Roses in Ecuador by Heather Huffman
Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas
ARC of Nobody But Us (from Edelweiss)

So that's it for this week! I'm so so happy about finally getting print copies of Obsidian and Onyx, especially since Opal is going to arrive in just a few days. Also, aren't the Lux buttons gorgeous? And the Release bookmark is so pretty too! I honestly can't wait to read any of these books, they all sound amazing. Looks like I've got a lot of reading to do over the next week, since I haven't managed to read all the books I got last week either!


  1. I've been dying to read Black City! And I'm reading Obsidian at the moment, and am really liking it so far. Congrats on your win, and I hope you love the books! :)

  2. I purchased Black City last night!

    My STS for the week!

    Old follower.

    Kate @ Confessions of a Bookaholic ♥♥

  3. I still have to read Black City! The cover looks so awesome, but I've heard some not so good things about it. Hopefully, we'll like it! :D
    Thanks for stopping by My STS!

  4. Love the Lux series! That's definitely worth the $ to have a hardcopy. Have you read Opal yet? I still need to.

    1. Yup, got the ebook when it came out! It's amazing, definitely the best in the series so far. I can't wait for my print copy to get here!

  5. So jealous of your Lux series book swag! I just finished Opal last night and it was GREAT. Though now I'm dying for books 4 & 5 (Which will be dual POV--Katy and Daemon--squee!!!!)

    I read Jane by April Lindner and really enjoyed it, but I'm familiar with Jane Eyre and not familiar with Wuthering Heights. I'll have to squeeze a classic onto my TBR list so I can check out Lindner's latest!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  6. Loved Obsidian and Onyx and I still need to read black city! :) I have it and I can't wait to start it. Awesome haul and I love the swag!

    My Haul!

  7. Obsidian and Onyx are great!!!! I have Black City and have been dying to start it! Catherine sounds good too. Enjoy your great swag too! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love the lux swag!!! Awesome wins, and books!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. You received some amazing books this week :) I adore the Lux series and I have been dying to read Black City.

    Happy reading!

  10. Ooh! I've heard such good things about the Lux series, but I still haven't read it. And I've heard that Black City is good too. I really, really, really wanna read Catherine, but I was not lucky enough to score that one. Thanks for stopping by my post! (And your book swag is absolutely gorgeous.) ;)

  11. Awesome books, I've been pining after Black City for the longest time! You have some great titles here and I hope you enjoy reading them! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Old follower :)

  12. My friend has Black City and I need to steal it from her b/c I've heard great things about it. I love all the swag and the buttons are gorgeous!!! :D I've read Obsidian and I need to get to reading Onyx. LOL ^_^ Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Books and swag.

    1. planning on stealing my book, are we? I have read both obsidian and 0nyx. But I dont have my own copies. :( I want. lol. cant wait to read Opal. oooh, Cathering looks interesting. OMG you have little buttons!! I hate you! D: (not, not really, but i am SUPER jealous!) I want buttons. too cool. just... too cool.

  13. I love the Lux series by JLA! So addictive. I adored Jane by April Lindner so I have high hopes for Catherine. Wonderful haul and thanks for stopping by The Readers Den. :)

  14. I love the Lux series, hope you do too.
    Happy reading and have a happy holidays and Merry Christmas!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  15. Black City is a good one! I still need to read the Lux series, believe it or not. I may be the only person left you hasn't yet. lol I hope you enjoy your new reads! :)

    You can see what books I got this week here!

  16. Haha, you got a fair bit of Lux swag yourself!! Yay! Nobody But Us also looks pretty good. Nice haul! :)

  17. Oh I love all your swag that you received Richa! And congratulations on your win! I really need to read Black City already! Happy reading! :)

  18. Yay for the Lux books and congrats on winning the Arc of Catherine, I've got to check it out. I also got Nobody But Us so yay us =D

    Great haul, Richa!

    Here's my Book Haul post.

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  19. Look at that beautiful Release bookmark! YAY.


  20. Wow, great books, and you won some really awesome stuff to. Hope you like them. Have a great Christmas.

  21. Great haul!! Love Obsidian!!:)


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