Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cover Reveal: Changed by Rose J. Bell

Here is the cover for Changed (The Hunters #1) by Rose J. Bell!

I find the eyes really cool XD And I'm really looking forward to reading this!

Here is the official blurb - 
In a world, where hunters and angels reign, war is daily fare and one girl is destined for saving them all.
After the brutal murder of her father, Rosa Petrova has dedicated her life to the eradication of angels and the revenge of her father´s dead. Therefore she becomes one of the fastest, deadliest and best Hunters in the world.
As Rosa hunts those who caused her father´s death, two Nephilim, the children and warriors of the archangels, appeared in Boston, although it is forbidden for them to enter the enemy’s city.
Rosa has to find out why the Nephilim Jason and his friend risk their lives, but ends up in between the fonts, which forces her to make a dangerous decision that could change her live forever. At the same time, she is falling in love with the one person she´s forbidden to love. And this love could kill her...
Tentative release date: January 2013
This book sounds really interesting, and I will definitely check it out when it releases. You should, too!
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Rose J. Bell is a pen name for an 18-year-old author living in a small town in Germany. In between going to school and reading too many books, instead of learning for her exams, she writes young adult urban and epic fantasy. She loves chocolate, supernatural, fairy tales and kick-butt heroines. Changed (The Hunters, book 1) is her debut novel. For more information please visit her blog:

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